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Creative Services


Our designers, writers, videographers, photographers — all our creative talent — are leaders in their specialities. They come from many backgrounds and skill-sets allowing GMS to put together a team that matches your requirements.

Branding and Corporate ID

First impressions — they count! Generally we think of branding as a logo, a brochure, a website. All are important! But branding is ANY point where your company touches a customer or prospect. Every time you or any employee in your company meets a stranger, answers the phone, hands out a card, sends an email — you're making an impression.

We get to know your company, your culture and then build a ‘look’, a ‘voice’, a ‘tone’, along with clear value messages to create your brand. But we don't stop there — we also look at all of the touchpoints that leave an impression and make recommendations to ensure your brand is consistent at every turn.


These are the printed pieces: folders, brochures, sales sheets, direct mail. These pieces are important because they're often the face of your company — that oh-so-important first impression. As marketers, we cringe when we hear ‘just make it pretty’. These pieces are so much more:

It's the combination of strategy and creative that generates a positive response.


Its' a rare business that doesn't need a website. This is where prospects ‘check you out.’

How many times have you read through a website and, at the end, had no idea the business of that company? We see that often. What a waste! You'll often be judged by this one area alone. If there are misspelled words, if the site looks cheap or overdone, if navigation is slow, if you have to read far too much — these and many other subtleties can either encourage a contact or cause a click off your site.

The user experience and your goals for the website must mesh. The website is one more key component of your overall business strategy.

Trade shows and Events

These can, and should, be entertaining — but it can't end there. These are opportunities for face-to-face interaction with prospects and customers. Too few companies take full advantage of this, yet spend a great deal of time and money to attend.

We've planned, coordinated and staffed shows and events all over the world. We know what works and what doesn't. Should you even be there? We'll work with you to determine your purpose and strategy and ensure this effort supports your business goals.