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Strategic Services


Strategic services: the foundation, the backbone, the glue — however you put it, marketing strategy is crucial for going into the marketplace with a company, a brand, a product, a service.

Research: Strategic, Competitive, Market

Audiences and situations change — sometimes suddenly — and it's important for you not to be surprised with reality. Through research, we find circumstances that can immensely change and impact a business, we can also evaluate competition — both direct and indirect. Is there pending legislation? A new industry advancement? A shift in public opinion? Technology breakthroughs? These are just a small sampling of areas we investigate so you know you're traveling in the right direction.

Marketing Plan

Once we know the true landscape, a strategic marketing plan can be created and implemented with confidence in its success. Why spend time, money, resources on marketing deliverables that may or may not hit their mark? More than ever, your investment in marketing must be targeted with solid research to back it up.


Often a business needs to regroup — get all heads together and move forward as one team. GMS is available for various levels of consultation: a quick phone call to talk through an idea, an audit of marketing materials, a day of strategy leading your team through exercises that result in a concrete plan — not marketing mumbo-jumbo. We also provide ongoing consulting relationships to keep your company's marketing aligned with your goals.